Agam Leaderim Group - Agam Leaderim (Israel) Insurance Agency (2003) Ltd. and its affiliated companies (hereinafter: "the Agency" or "Agam").

This document details the privacy policy used on the site and reviews, among other things, the manner in which the information collected is used

Data collection

Agam collects information about site visitors, including the use of "cookies" to monitor activity for the purpose of monitoring the activity of users on the site and to optimize the service on the site for you and in general.

In addition, the agency collects information for the purpose of providing services of insurance and finance and other related fields as needed in order to provide its services, in accordance with the provisions the law.

The information that will be collected by Agam, includes personal and sensitive information as defined in the Privacy Protection Law, 5571-1981 (hereinafter: "the Privacy Protection Law"), and will also be collected by "cross-referencing" information with databases that will transfer information to Agam (such as information from the pension clearinghouse, insurance companies, pension funds and provident funds, employers, employees, relatives, etc.) or that the agency will have access to.

The information that will be collected will be stored in the databases of Agam and its use will be made in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy or according to any applicable law.

It is hereby clarified that, according to Article 11 of the Privacy Protection Law, the user of the website does not have a legal obligation to provide information to the Agency. However, it will be clarified that failure to provide information or providing incomplete information may damage the service provided by the agency, including damage to insurance coverage.

In addition to the aforementioned, it will be clarified that providing the information may be a condition for providing a certain service, in accordance with the law.

It will be clarified that information provided on the site is provided of the user's own free will, and the user has no legal obligation to provide information through the site. Upon submission of information on the site, you will be deemed to have given the company consent to receive the information as well as to any use of the information under this policy.

Information about others - providing information by the user about other people will be carried out under the responsibility of the information provider and subject to his right to provide the information according to law. Providing such information will be considered for all intents and purposes as consent to what is stated in this document.

Use of Information

The information collected is intended for the provision of services and the supply of products by the agency and/or anyone on its behalf and/or difficult parties related to it.

The term "services" will be interpreted in such a way as to include, in addition to services of marketing of insurance and financial products, also the provision of services for these products, the operation of pension arrangements, the internal management of the agency, including compliance with the the law, routine conduct, improving services, refining information, segmenting information and processing it, etc.

Agam will be entitled to use the information also for the purpose of direct mailing and/or direct mail services, when you will be given the option to be removed from any distribution list used by Agam.

Transfer information to third parties

As part of the service, the Agency may provide information to third parties, subject to the provisions of the law, including for the purpose of the agency's conduct within the framework of providing services such as institutional entities, including the pension clearinghouse, insurance companies and management companies of provident funds and pension funds, as well as to other service providers on behalf of Agam, including but not limited to only, license holders (insurance agent / pension marketer / pension consultant), consultants, accountants and lawyers and suppliers, or with the consent of the user to other third parties.

For the avoidance of doubt, the agency may use the information as part of legal proceedings as well as transfer it to the authorities in accordance under lawful requirement.

It will be clarified that in any case of structural change of the agency, including a merger and/or split, and including shifting an activity or part of it to a third party, the information will be transferred as far as it is relevant within that change.

It should be emphasized that Agam does not trade in information and will maintain the information and the user's privacy in accordance with this document.

Data Subject Right to review and correct information

The right to review and correct information will be carried out in accordance the Privacy Protection Law, by contacting the Agency on the Contact page.

It will be clarified, for the avoidance of doubt, that by law it may not be possible to correct and/or delete certain.


Data Security

Agam sees great importance in keeping your information and protecting it, and implements measures to secure the information in accordance with privacy protection laws, and industry standards. Accordingly, Agam implements advanced security technologies to prevent unauthorized access to information, and applies identification measures, as well as encryption of the identification data used on the site. Nonetheless, it will be clarified that there is a risk of intrusion into the databases or information security breaches and Agam will not be liable for damage caused in respect of such activity.

Data security requires cooperation from users and accordingly users are required to be aware of the dangers, to the importance of personal passwords and their retention for personal use only, providing correct and appropriate contact information and any other acceptable requirement.

Online scams

Financial institutions are targets for fraudulent attempts by various parties, who will try to penetrate the site and your personal details, such as by contacting with a mock email or similar to Agam while requesting to provide identification information, including by link to similar sites. It would be clarified that Agam will never ask you for your password, aside of logging into the site.

It is suggested to be careful of any such activity, also, below are rules and recommendations regarding the preservation of privacy:

  • It is recommended to avoid using passwords in a public medium (such as shared computers, etc.);
  • Make sure that the sender's address is correct and does not contain errors (the impersonated correspondence may contain a small error);
  • Check the content of the message and make sure that it is in standard form without writing or wording errors
  • It is recommended to type the URL directly or check the link address and its correctness
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the messages through various Apps and make sure the links attached to them
  • It is recommended to make sure to use proven and up-to-date protection programming

In any case of suspected leakage of the means of identification and / or any other unauthorized use please contact us immediately

Changes to the Privacy Policy

Agam will be entitled to change and update the privacy and information security policy from time to time. Any update will be posted on this site or any alternative site and will be effective within 7 days from the date of its publication.

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