About Us

Agam Leaderim was founded in 1992 and has been specializing since then in managing pension arrangements and is co-owned by Itzik Oz, Moshe Sasson and Phoenix insurance company.

The company is headed by Itzik Oz and Moshe Sasson as co CEOs.

Agam Leaderim employ over 450 professionals who specialize in pension insurance and provide thousands of customers around the country with personal guidance and customization in all aspects of managing insurance, pension funds, health and nursing insurances provident and study funds, and other financial products.

Thanks to the human capital in the company and the pursuit for excellence, Agam Leaderim has been ranked as the leading pension settlement manager in Israel for several years in a row with a wide scope of activity:


active insured clients

60 Billion Nis

asset scope

5 Billion Nis

premium cycle


Our business philosophy

We see ourselves deeply and fully committed to those who let us plan their financial future.
Out of a genuine desire to understand your needs, meet your expectations and provide you with personal and professional service without compromise, we have created a high-quality, flexible, computerized and smart service system for you.

This system is based on the company's values ​​which guide us in every action and encounter with our customers:


Technological innovation

We strive to be at the forefront of technology and to challenge the market in which we operate with the development of advanced systems that include sophisticated simulators for managing meetings, documentation and control systems for managing your insurance portfolio at the highest level and making personal information accessible in an accurate and clear way through our website.


Reliability and Transparency

We guarantee to act fairly, honestly and in full transparency with our customers while remaining discreet and private as required by law.

personal treat

Personal and caring service

We advocate providing a personal, caring and friendly service that accompanies you from the first moment and at every stage of your professional and personal life through a comprehensive service envelope that includes the family unit

personal exerties

Expertise and innovation

Planning the economic future of tens of thousands of our customers requires us to maintain a high level of expertise that requires developing and deepening the professional knowledge of our employees on an ongoing basis, recognizing and implementing new reforms in the market, examining new products while emphasizing the development of unique services and thinking outside the box.

Board Members

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Itzik Oz

company founder and co-CEO of Agam Leaderim
CEO of Agam Leaderim holdings

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Moshe Sasson 

co-CEO of Agam Leaderim

director blank

Efrat Artzi

VP sales

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Dalia Idan

VP operations

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Doron Ozer

VP finances

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Eyal levi


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Liad Greenberg

VP Business Development

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Hagay Yogev

Head of Development